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"Life is easy, people make it hard"  
- Rick Ryman
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Rick Ryman is a Singer/Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee who writes about life and sings from the heart. He is a Country/Americana music performer. His style of country music is enjoyed by many who follow country music and to those outside of country music. What’s appealing about his music is his creative writing and simple melodies. They are songs that are relatable to the Truck Driver and the everyday Blue Collar worker, along with the ordinary music lover. Simply put, fun music.


Rick grew up in a small town of New Baltimore, Ohio, just Northwest of Cincinnati in Southwestern Ohio. It’s a small river town where he grew up listening to all kinds of music, but took a love for country music. His music is based on his three major singer/songwriter influences, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and David Allan Coe. Many will tell you that they can hear the musical influences in the songs he writes.


Rick is an Air Force Veteran, Truck Driver, and former Radio Air Personality. He has taken many of his life’s experiences, from the trucking and Blue Collar situations, and put them to a song. I can’t say that he speaks for the workin’ man, but he sure does share a voice with them. And, who hasn’t had their heart broken and wanted to hear a crying in your beer song? Ryman has his own unique twist on slow, sad, ballads that leaves the listener wanting more.


Once he moved to Nashville, Ryman played the writers nights around town, but wanted more. He met some great players in town, and put a band together to play the clubs around Nashville. That expanded to playing outside of Nashville such as the Little Nashville Opry, Nashville, Indiana, and the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, Louisiana to name a few.


Rick Ryman is a professional at his craft and surround’s himself with quality Nashville musicians. Whether it’s his own show, or performing as the opening act, the fun on stage is translated to the audience.


In 2007, Rick released a CD titled “Leg Man”. He had 2 songs reach the top 5, and one top ten on the European Country Music Association Chart. Later the CD would be released to Americana Music stations across the United States.


In 2011, due to health issue’s, Rick had to put music aside. In 2012, he was approached by David Haisten to write a song for the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association. The song was played before each event to help celebrate their 20th anniversary of Lawn Mower Racing.


Although, Ryman may have been sidelined from performing live with back issues, it didn’t stop him from writing. He continued to use his life experiences and put them in to a song.


In 2018, Ryman went back in to the studio and started recording his current CD. Now in 2019, the New CD titled “Love On The Rocks” is completed and ready for country music lovers everywhere.


Be sure to get a copy of his latest work. If you are looking to book a professional entertaining band for your event, no need to look any further. Also available for solo acoustic venue’s as well. Contact through Email for more information.

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